Shunt Reactor Cores up to 1200 kV - 400 MVAR

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology in the production of Shunt Reactor Cores, ENPAY holds the leading position in the industry. By the help of innovative and automated production line, ENPAY offers to its customers the most optimum solutions enable for Low Loss and Low Noise Shunt Reactor Cores.

These cores are produced with legs and yokes complete with its cooling channels and insulation accessories. Radially stacked columns as well as assembled cores with legs and frames are produced depending on customer’s preference. Even wound yokes can be produced depending on customer’s requirement. Ceramic spacers which fit to customer specifications are used to obtain radial distance between core elements. These ceramic spacers are tightly glued on both sides to the core elements with special adhesive under pressure. Pictures of different products are shown above. The total weight of the core can reach up to 100 tons.

Having an excellent supply record even for HV Shunt Reactors up to 1000 kV- 240 MVAr, ENPAY with its mass production in its Plants in Turkey, Slovakia and India, supplies Shunt Reactor Cores with flexible lead times to the Grids located World-Wide.     

Bevel Edge Technology


Beveled edge on core packages reduces average flux density on limbs and provides homogeneous flux distribution according to FEM analyze results, especially flux density on package corners is reduced.

This reduction provides low losses and low noise on core.