Wound Cores for Instrument Transformers

Toroidal Cores

Toroidal cores are used in instrument transformers, power transformers, inductors, transducers and variable transformers.

ENPAY produces toroidal cores from various grades and thickness of Grain Oriented Silicon Steel in different dimensions, made to order to customer specifications according to IEC 60635 or any other country standards.

Oval, rectangular, cross-section, cut (air gapped) toroidal cores are included in production program of ENPAY.


Toroidal Cut Cores

Toroidal Cut Cores are manufactured according to customer’s specifications and used in the production of chokes, combined instrument transformers and specially designed transformers including HVDC Applications.

Cut cores are assembled with a certain air-gap between the pieces, insulation pieces are placed in the gaps during the assembly of bobbins. Cut surfaces of these cores can be round, oval and rectangular.


C-Cores and E-Cores

C-Cores and E-Cores are made of various grades and thickness of Grain Oriented Electrical Steel, are used for Voltage Transformers as well as Current Limiting Reactors used for HVDC Applications. Utilizing its long years of experience and know-how on cutting technology, ENPAY holds a leading position in this product portfolio. As well as having flexible production, ENPAY engineering team cooperates with our customers in order to develop the most optimum core type for required application area according to IEC 60329 Standards. 


Advanced Magnetic Cores

Soft magnetic materials are used in the production of Nickel-Iron Cores, Nanocrystalline Cores and Amorphous cores.

Magnetic properties of these materials and production technology of ENPAY allows for products with;

  • Higher permeability
  • Lower magnetization in higher inductions
  • Low core losses especially at high frequencies
  • Less losses on high temperatures


ENNI® - Nickel Iron Cores :

Nickel alloys are used in the production of ENNI® Magnetic Cores production. High permeability nickel iron ribbon with thickness 0.20 – 0.10 – 0.08 – 0.06 mm are used in production of magnetic cores. 

ENNI® cores are available with plastic end-caps, epoxy coating or impregnated forms.

Nanocrystalline Cores : 

Nanocrystalline cores have high permeability, good thermal stability and flat hysteresis loopThe cores are supplied with Plastic Case (UL94 – Vo) or in a Press Board Case or with epoxy coating.


The performance of nanocrystalline cores is effective for many applications.

  • Transformers (Power, Current, Drive)
  • Common mode chokes (Filters)
  • Current sensor


  • High Permeability cores with flat hysteresis loop.
  • Less losses on high temperature and high frequency.
  • Suitable for many electric and electronic applications on SMPS transformers (up to 100kW), inverters, filter, mag amps, signal transformers.
  • Less weight than the other soft magnetic materials.
  • Produce with plastic case or epoxy coated that is suitable directly winding.


ENAMOR® Magnetic Cores : 

Amorphous material is used for ENAMOR® core production.

High permeability, low core losses at high frequencies, high saturation induction are achieved by using amorphous materials.

ENAMOR® Cores have much better performance in power supplies when compared with the other materials.  They are also used for high frequency transformers for inverters, high frequency welding power supply.