Environment, Health and Safety

Our Environmental Policy

As a manufacturer of transformer components,

Taking into consideration the expectations of all environmentally concerned parties, working in accordance with the local and national legal requirements and in this regard setting ENPAY as an example in its industry is our main target.

For this purpose we commit ourselves;

  • To protect environment and natural resources in the frame of life cycle by adopting technology and quality oriented work practice,
  • To control and reduce the impacts of main operations on environment and to ensure the participation of all our employees to continuously improve our environmental performance and to achieve our goals,
  • To reduce the waste occurred as a result of main operations, to manage through most appropriate methods by evaluating the alternatives of recycle and re-use; to prevent pollution at its source by determining environmental risks and opportunities,
  • To organize awareness-raising training activities for all employees to raise their awareness.


Health and Safety Policy

ENPAY adopts as a principle to secure employees within a management concept by attaching importance to the occupational health and safety in all work processes.

We commit;

  • To provide all applicable legal and corporate working conditions in relation to occupational health and safety,
  • To create a safer and healthier work place,
  • To use equipment, machinery and installations which comply with occupational health and safety,
  • To conduct risk assessments (reasons, hazards) in order to prevent and eliminate any and all hazards threatening security of life and property and so to prevent any potential industrial accidents,
  • To continuously improve occupational health and safety performance and to provide involvement of all employees in order to achieve set targets,
  • To provide the employees and suppliers the health and safety trainings to ensure that they can fulfill their responsibilities within the current system,