Chemical and Mechanical Tests

ENPAY Insulation Laboratories have a broad range of chemical and mechanical tests applicable for electrical insulation materials in compliance with international standards as well as specifically designed standards for various materials.

Mechanical Tests

Universal Testing Machine with 100 kN and 50 kN capacity are used to perform mechanical tests. 


Tensile Strength and Elongation

The quotient of applied tensile force under standardized test conditions and cross section area of the sample are prepared according to IEC 60641-2.


Indicates the percentage change in thickness of stacked samples at a level of force defined by IEC 60641-2.


Flexural Strength (Three Point Bending)


Indicates shrinking levels in three directions (machine direction, cross machine direction and thickness) of pre-conditioned insulation material after drying procedure defined by IEC 60641-2.

Chemical Tests

Following tests are performed in ENPAY Laboratories in complience with IEC 60641-2 standard by using special devices and necessary chemicals.

  • Conductivity of aqueous extract
  • pH of aqueous extract
  • Moisture content
  • Water determination by Karl Fischer method
  • Ash content
  • Determination of metallic particles
  • Oil absorbtion
  • Degree of polymerization