Research and Development

Our R&D department is able to design the most optimized products that meets customer needs with cutting-edge solutions by combining dozens of years of production knowledge using the most advanced software programs that enables for various calculations supported by laboratory capabilities.

Simulation of real-time conditions is carried out using Electrostatic, Magnetostatic, Mechanical programs by FEM analysis.

Combining simulation results with practical applications, ENPAY develops its own know-how and takes part at various International Conferences by submitting technical papers.




Having an access to suitable advanced materials, prescient design process and optimized manufacturing practices, it is feasible to design and produce customized components for transformers with various voltage ratings including 420kV, 800kV and 1200kV. 


   FEM - Finite Element Method

   Tailor-made designs by using 2D and 3D FEM software for HVAC and HVDC Transformers up to 1200 kV.


 Engineering Service for Magnetic Core Clamps

Mechanical Stress Analysis by using ANSYS Software


 Magnetic Flux Distribution Analysis for Shunt Reactor Core

 Beveled Edge Technology



  Engineering Service for Flux Collectors

   Flux distribution and Induction Analysis by using ANSYS Software