Human Resources

We as ENPAY Human Resources,

- Adopt the policy of right employee for right position
- Without making any religious, linguistic, racial discrimination we use perfection based interview methods
- Level the playing field for all our employees.
- Apply training and devoloping programmes to increase our employees perfections.
- Develop working models for our employees to optimise the potential they have and provide appropriate working enviroment.
- Specify our employees performance as fair and objective.
- Take essential precautions to provide safe working place according to the Occupational health and safety laws.



Please send your job applications to the following e-mail addresses for related plant; 

For ENPAY Krskany Plant, Slovakia;


For ENPAY Vadodara Plant, India;


For ENPAY Shumen Plant, Bulgaria;


For ENPAY Kullar Plant, Turkey;

Please fill the following application form for open positions in Kullar. If your application is appropriate to the quilifications required, you will be informed by us. If there are no appropriate job postings for you, please apply to our General Application, so your C.V. will be kept in our database for positions that may occur.