Bushing Type Current Transformers up to 1200 kV

BCTs are intended to use in power transformers to measure, protect and monitor the current flow at each phase of the system.

Enpay Bushing Type Current Transformers (BCT) are designed and manufactured up to 1200 kV according to international standards and customer specifications by using state of the art technology in this field. BCTs are provided either as a set with assembled unit or as individual CT according to customer requests. BCTs are also produced with various insulation types in order to allow for use in power transformers.

Non-Assembled Bushing Type Current Transformer

Various insulation methods are used to comply customer requirements depending on the location of the BCT in power transfomers. The main insulation materials used are cellulose based and polyester based materials. Cellulose based materials are preferred in case BCT will be used near active part of power transformer since the insulation of BCT should immerse the transformer oil like as main insulation of power transformers and they need to be dried during drying process of power transformers. Polyester based materials are preferred when the BCT will be fixed on turret and they do not need to be dried since the polyester based materials do not immerse moisture.

Sub-Assembled Bushing Type Current Transformer

The BCTs can be designed and manufactured as a set in order for easy assembly and to reduce assembly cost of end-user. Various assembly materials can be used such as aluminium, transformer board, HGW and/or any other material customers request. The assembled BCTs can be manufactured for each phase seperately as well as a complete set for 3 phases.