ENPAY Laminated Pressboards are produced from the ENPAYBOARD® with different thicknesses. These boards are A class ( 105°C ) insulation materials and they are in pure cellulose color.

The application areas of Laminated Pessboard are press rings, end rings, shield rings, beams, support strips, fixing parts of power, distribution and special transformers. Laminated Pressboards are usually processed in to components for the mechanical support of windings, lead exits and lead ends.

ENPAY Laminated Pressboard with Casein – ELBC

Water based casein glue with a good transformer oil permeability is used in the production of Laminated Pressboards with Casein. The ELBC is produced according to IEC 60763-3-1 TYPE LB 3.1A.1 Standard.

ENPAY Laminated Pressboard with Polyester – ELBP

ENPAY Laminated Pressboard with Polyester has the highest mechanical strength and polyester glue resin is used in production. The ELBP is produced according to IEC 60763-3-1 TYPE LB 3.1A.2 Standard.

The thickness of Laminated Pressboards are between 9 mm and 120 mm. Maximum size is 4000x2000 mm. For the thickness>120 mm and for other size requirements, please contact ENPAY.



Barrierboard is used to seperate the tap changer from the tank which reduces the impact of a possible tap changer failure on other components of transformer. It is made of Laminated Pressboard and has proper mechanical and electrical properties that  fulfills required voltage level between the contacts. In case a maintenance is needed on a tap changer, Barrierboard prevents taking the whole oil out of the transformer.  

Barrierboards are designed according to customer specifications.