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ENPAYBOARD-ENPAY Transformerboard

Stock Preparation&Board Machine

Cellulose Production technology is very important for Transformerboard.

ENPAY's mill has highly sophisticated distributed control systems, a continuous digester, and modern bleaching and screening systems. The pulp used is pure, free of dirt and has exceptionally low shive levels.

In the production of ENPAYBOARD Unbleached electrical grade pulp is used in order to obtain a high level of cleanliness, low conductivity, extracted pH and ash content.

The sulphate pulps are in great strength and excellent mechanical and chemical purity.

ENPAYBOARD is high-quality insulating precompressed pressboard made from cellulose, of high chemical pureness and permanent heat stability.

ENPAYBOARD is cellulose based and produced from kraft unbleached softwood pulp having high chemical purity and low conductivity. It is produced on an intermittent board machine and compacted without added bonding agents in multi day-light press under heat and pressure to achieve required properties. The boards are characterized by high density, high purity, uniform thickness, dimensional stability, low compressibility, low shrinkage and high electrical strength.

ENPAYBOARD has high dielectric strength to be used as insulating material in different types of Power and Distribution Transformers, Capacitors, Switch Gears etc., in the form of winding cylinders, spacers, washers, keyway strips, etc.

ENPAYBOARD a hard and rigid board having high purity with excellent electrical and mechanical properties, is specifically produced for the high voltage and extra high voltage Transformer Industry. The product is made from imported virgin softwood sulphate pulp in our new production line using "state of art technology". Separate conditioning and testing facilities have been established for uninterrupted and speedy testing and effective evaluation of the raw materials and the product.

Hard rigid sheets are light brown in color.

ENPAY offers a comprehensive range of electrical ENPAYBOARD products under the brand names E3 and E4. Two main product grades satisfy a wide range of insulation performance requirements for power and distribution transformers.

ENPAYBOARD E3 - IEC 60641-3-1 TYPE B.3.1

Hard and rigid material, used for strips, cylinders, spacers, plates, supports, the most represented material in transformer insulation, acc. IEC 60641


Mouldable material, used for extremely curved pieces like tubes and molded pieces.

Sheet Sizes

ENPAYBOARD can be sized according to customer demands. There are some basic information such as Brand name, Date, ...etc. are printed in the direction of production line output on board.

Packing And Transport