Online Testing
Metal Detectors

ENPAYBOARD sheets go through metal detections in two stations:
1. Metal detections after the board machine
2. Metal detections after press

  • ENPAYBOARD sheets are controlled by 100%.
  • Metal Detector is used for inspection of ENPAYBOARD in order to detect even the smallest magnetic and non-magnetic metal particles.
  • Metal Detectors are highly-sensitive multi-segment sensor for inspection of Transformerboards with high  processing speed and flat metal detector.

100% controlled Wet Material sheets

100% controlled ENPAYBOARD

Surface Inspection Control System

Surface inspection is applied to 100% of ENPAYBOARD sheets, which enable accurate statistics for optimizing the quality of ENPAYBOARD. Surface inspection is applied to both sides of the boards.

Thickness Measurement

  • ENPAYBOARD thickness is continuously measured.
  • ISO 9001 standard prescribes that the quality of manufactured goods has to be guaranteed and be documented.
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) is applied for thickness measurement.
  • Any deviations are measured by conducting thickness measurement.
Moisture and Density Measurement

The continual availability of product properties allows for easy adjustment of the production process in order to ensure a high standard of product quality.

For the production of ENPAYBOARD, the moisture content of the material used is important.