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Laboratory Facilities

In ENPAY laboratory physical, chemical, cellulose, pulp, paper and electrical tests are performed. These tests are performed according to the standards of the insulation materials. The types of raw materials tested in ENPAY test laboratory include;

  • Pressboard, Presspaper - IEC 60641
  • Laminated Board - IEC 60763
  • Laminated Wood - IEC 61061
  • Crep Paper - IEC 60554
  • Kraft Paper - IEC 60554

The test and measurements are performed not only to raw materials but also components made of these materials.

Conditions of Transformerboard Laboratory
Covered Area: About 200 m2
Temperature: 23±2°C
Relative Humidity: 50±5%

All Rouitine tests for above products and mentioned in above standarts are in the scope of ENPAY International Accredition certificate which can be seen from below link.

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Cellulose, Pulp and Paper Tests

ENPAYBOARD quality control department keeps the quality of the cellulose under control by conducting all necessary incoming goods quality control tests. One of the most significant control test type is Fiber Quality Analysis. It is a fact that the result of this analysis may affect the quality.

Rapid Köthen Sheet Former

FQA - Fiber Quality Analyzer

ENPAY Laboratory utilizes the most sensitive, comprehensive and the fastest measuring device suitable with the ISO 16065-1 standards in order to perform the Fiber Quality Analysis. With this device, the length and the width of the fibers can be measured.

Moreover curl index, kink index, shives and vessel elements analysis can also be performed. According to the results of these tests and analysis, the settings on ENPAYBOARD production process are achieved to be done extremely accurate.

Furthermore, the tests playing critical role in the production of transformerboard such as conductivity, ph, ash content are also being carried out in Enpay Laboratory along with Fiber Quality Analysis.

PFI Mill

SR - Schopper Riegler Freeness Tester

ENPAY Laboratory contains all types of devices to achieve and maintain the outstanding quality of ENPAYBOARD;

  • Rapid Köthen Sheet Machine Automatic - producing the sample of the ENPAYBOARD in the laboratory environment allowing for physical and chemical tests to be carried out
  • Bauer McNett Fiber Classifier System
  • Somerville Shive Content Analyzer
  • Schopper Riegler Freeness Tester (Auto & Man)
  • PFI Mill - providing the result of Schopper - Riegler - SR tests within the range of required values
  • Equalizer - Distributor - Disintegrator - providing homogenous cellulose mixture
  • Speed Dryer
  • Sample Cutter

The data provided by these tests are used in the fully-automatic manufacturing processes for the production of ENPAYBOARD to be used in Ultra High Voltage Transformers with excellent performance.

Mechanical Tests

Universal Testing Machine with 50 kN and 5 kN capacity are used in order to perform mechanical tests. Thanks to the computer connection of Universal Testing Machine all tests are supported by computer control. Universal Testing Machine utilizes also changeable fixtures because of which tests can be customized to the type of test and material. Tensile strength, elongation, compressibility, flexure strength, plybond tests are performed both on the raw material and on the finished product according to IEC standards.

Establishing the Raw Density with the Laboratory Density and Density Profile Measuring System.

Important information on the current measurement, including:

  • average raw density
  • maximum raw density of the top layer
  • maximum raw density of bottom layer
  • actual position of sanding surface
are shown in numerical form on the screen after the measuring process.

Flexure Strength
(3 Point Bending)


Universal Testing Machine
Max. Capacity

Tensile Strength and Elongation

Laboratory Density and
Density Profile Measuring System

Chemical Tests

In addition to measurement equipments, different chemicals and other special devices are also used. This process takes place in order to prepare the samples and perform the tests on these samples according to IEC standards.

Some of these are listed below:

  • Drying ovens with air or vacuum
  • Climatic test cabin
  • Shaker
  • Balloon heater
  • Water bath
  • Balances
  • Various chemicals

All of these devices and necessary chemical materials can be found in ENPAY laboratories. With the help of these measurement equipments, various devices and chemicals, conductivity and pH meter,moisture content meter, degree of polymerization, water determination according to Karl Fischer, viscosity measurement according to Brookfield, ash content and determination of metallic particles are measured.

Degree of polymerization according to IEC 60450

Necessary equipment for Conductivity -
pH Meter according to IEC 60641

Water determination
according to Karl Fischer

Vacum Oven

Brookfield Viscosymeter
Electrical Tests on Solid Insulation Material
  •    Electrical Strength in oil [kV/mm] (IEC 60243-1)
  •     Electrical Strength in air [kV/mm] (IEC 60243-1)
  •         a)    Parallel to Lamination
  •         b)    Perpendicular to Lamination
  •     Partial Discharge Test (IEC 60270)
  •         a)    Inception Voltage - PDIV > 5 pC
  •         b)    Extinction voltage - PDEV > 5 pC
  •     Dissipation Factor (DDF) - Tan Delta (IEC 60250)
  •     Permittivity (IEC 60250)


Liquid Insulation Material Tests

  •     Determination of Water by Automatic Coulometric Karl Fischer Titration (IEC 60814)
  •     Determination of The Breakdown Voltage (IEC 60156)
  •     Measurement of Relative Permittivity ( IEC 60247)
  •     Dielectric Dissipation Factor (DDF) - Tan Delta ( IEC 60247)
  •     D.C. Resistivity ( IEC 60247)
  •     Determination of Acidity (IEC 62021-1)
  •     Sludge Formation (IEC 61125 - Clause  1.9.1)
  •     Interfacial Tension of Oil Against Water by the Ring Method (ASTM D971)

X-Ray Inspection System

Accurate X-RAY system for control of particle and air pocket.

  • High Resolution X-RAY tube
  • Precision Manipulator
  • Larger inspection objects
  • Independent, real time image processing
  • Realistic 3D volume model with measurement in all spatial directions
  • Excellent image quality through high-contrast resolution with flat-panel detectors or other image chains