ENPAY is aware of and fully complies with the measures it needs to take to protect all the environment, human health and safety in all of its work processes. At every stage of production, ENPAY takes precautions to eliminate threats to humans and to the environment. The core of ENPAY's health, safety, and environment protection policy is a fully-capable waste treatment center. The company achieves full compliance with all laws, regulations, and administrative provisions concerning human and environmental health and safety.

The human resources policy of ENPAY is designed to complement the company's mission and vision. The company seeks to maintain its leading position by supporting its advanced technology with employees who are motivated, loyal, and proactive. ENPAY empowers its human resources policy by providing its employees a dynamic working environment whose underlying basis is employee satisfaction. ENPAY believes in the importance of each employee's contributions to the communal efforts of the company.

The continuous on-the-job training that ENPAY provides to its employees is supported by training by professionals from outside of the company.

ENPAY's employee occupational health and safety policy is supported by regular training and health checks.