Our Vision:

To be the most accurate and fastest solution producing Transformer Components manufacturer with the innovative and technological applications. In this regard while making customer satisfaction oriented high-quality  production, we are open to continuous improvement in terms of environmental care, employee health and safety.

Our Mission:

To increase our production capacity by consistently meeting customer expectations and fulfilling legal requirements, and by applying our process for continuous improvement in an effective manner.

Our Values:

The principle of Continuity guides us. We try to realize the profitable growth of the company and the requirements of our responsibilities towards the society and the environment at the same time.

We carry within us the leading spirit of entrepreneurship that is open to the world and to change. For the purpose of reaching innovative solutions and opportunities, we encourage creativity and extraordinary ideas. We act flexibly, we are open to learning and we are ready to show the highest performance every day.

We maintain an intense cooperation within the company, and we give constructive reactions to knowledge and accumulations. We see the competence and potentials of our co-workers, and we support them in their performance and value creation.

We believe that the responsibility brought by the Participatory management to us is to work with all our power in accordance with the goals and objectives of our Institution. We regard complying with the rules of our work order with diligence is a requirement of the respect for one another.

We take responsibility, and we defend the decisions made together. While sharing the pride of success, we also undertake the responsibility for mistakes, and we support each other to rectify those errors

We keep our honor and our respect for ourselves on top of everything. The principles of business ethics constitute the basis of our lives. We keep our promise. We value partnerships based on mutual trust.