ENPAY Quality Policy

By continuously improving all the processes that effect our company's success and our products' quality, we strive:

- To ensure customer satisfaction in all subjects and under all conditions,
- To reduce costs while increasing quality and productivity,
- To increase our market share with rising product quality,
- To follow changing technology closely, and the necessary investments in this field,
- To form a learning, continuously developing and sharing organization by attaching importance to training and making it continuous
is our basic Quality Policy.

General Manager

ENPAY complies with normative national and international standards in all of its production processes within the framework of an all-encompassing quality management system.

To defend its outstanding position in today's competitive markets, ENPAY gives the utmost importance to quality. For that reason, the company believes in the need to achieve quality in all aspects of production. All incoming materials are checked while manufacturing processes are monitored and additional controls are carried out at every stage. Final quality checks are performed on fully assembled cores and comprehensive test reports are sent along with the goods when they are shipped to customers. Customers' specifications are strictly adhered to in all packaging and labeling applications.

As an essential component of its quality policy, ENPAY believes in enhancing customer's satisfaction in every respect by increasing product quality while reducing price. To achieve this, ENPAY relies on state-of-the-art technology and effective employee training to deliver the highest quality in production.

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